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  Umalali & Andy Palacio Receive Major European Press Coverage  
In recent weeks some of Europe's most widely-circulated newspapers and magazines have featured extensive coverage on Andy Palacio, Umalali: The Garifuna Women's Project and Garifuna music in general. Telerama, one of France's most widely-read weeklies, profiled Umalali and Andy Palacio in a two-page spread written by Éliane Azoulay.

The major Austrian weekly news magazine Profil also devoted two full pages to the story of Garifuna music and the life and impact of Andy Palacio. The Daily Telegraph, the daily broadsheet with the most circulation in the UK, offered on homage to the late Palacio in its April 10th edition. Meanwhile, CNN Traveler, devoted three full pages to Garifuna music and culture.

These important features continue the massive media coverage given to Andy Palacio, Umalali and Garifuna music in culture in the past year, including cover features in music magazines The Beat and Global Rhythm, reviews in most major international publications and a gorgeous multi-page feature in the travel magazine Caribbean Travel & Life.

Download PDF's of these features below:
The Daily Telegraph (UK)
Telerama (Fra)
Profil (Austria)
CNN Traveler
Global Rhythm Magazine (Cover Story)
The BEAT (Cover Story)

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