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  UMALALI: Acclaim from Headbutler  
Last year, the influential tastemaker blog Headbutler said Andy Palacio’s Watina "could easily be the most enjoyable CD of the year."

Reviewer Jesse Kornbluth has similar praise for Umalali: The Garifuna Women’s Collective, saying "The music is pretty much pure joy" continuing:

"The joy is the living, the simple fact of it. History bypassed these women long ago; theirs is the life of eternal duties, ancient rhythms and primal emotions. Photographed in cotton dresses against sand and sea, they look wise. And they look beautiful --- beautiful because of what they know rather than how they look.

And so, when they sing, you feel they are singing truth. They don't really have another reason to sing --- they've had no show-biz careers and won't get them now. So these songs are like field recordings, which are then layered and processed and yet somehow still sound authentic.

I've had "Umalali" in heavy rotation for weeks now, as an antidote to a tsunami of bad news and the prospect of more coming. I hear the strumming of guitars, the pulsing of drums, and then, like a knife, Sofia Blanco asking for a moment with her granddaughter. I don't know how that conversation worked out in the lives of its characters. In my life, she has my fullest attention."

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