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       Andy Palacio's Watina Reaches #1      
Andy Palacio's Wátina Reaches #1 on the World Music Charts Europe

After reaching the #2 spot on the World Music Charts Europe in May, the critically-acclaimed album Wátina from Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective has surpassed that already impressive achievement by taking over the top spot on the prestigious chart.

The World Music Charts Europe is a monthly survey of top world music radio DJs from 23 countries. Each month, these specially selected DJs who represent some of the most important tastemakers in their respective countries, send in their Top 10 picks from the wide array of world music albums circulating that month, and the results are compiled to create the World Music Charts Europe.

The results of the World Music Charts Europe, which is considered the definitive survey of the world music industry, are posted in magazines and shops around the world, and numerous radio programs present the results of the chart, thus leading to a great amount of exposure for artists whose albums appear in the charts.

For more information on the World Music Charts Europe and to check out this month’s chart visit:
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