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    Stonetree News | Worldwide Acclaim for Wátina
       Wátina Receives Raves Worldwide      

The accolades are rolling in for Wátina as people around the world are raving about this stunning new album. The first tip that the media response was going to be something special was when the important tastemaker e-zine selected Wátina as their cultural recommendation of the day on January 22nd. Calling it a: "Fascinating musical mash-up" and comparing it favorably to Gilberto Gil, Paul Simon's Graceland and the Buena Vista Social Club. The trend-setting e-zine stated:
"Wátina will surely bring new fans to a heretofore somewhat obscure musical subculture in the way Paul Simon's Graceland did in the '80s or Buena Vista Social Club did in the '90s — but you definitely don't need any ethnographic backstory whatsoever to groove to this transcendent, infectiously rhythmic music." (click here for the full review)
Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective visited New York on January 21st to participate in the annual GlobalFest festival, alongside established names in the world music scene such as Lila Downs and Lenine. By almost all accounts, the Collective's concert was the highlight of the event. In their favorable review the New York Times wrote:
"The music shuttled across the Atlantic: breezing along with a beat akin to calypso and rumba, then bearing down with unmistakably West African drumming."
(click here for the full review)
The concert also received praise from syndicated radio program Afropop Worldwide (click here for the full review). Afropop also raved about the album, calling it a "landmark release." Reviewer Banning Eyre writes:
"Track after track, the sounds are understated, from the chime of strummed strings to the piquant melodiousness of clean electric guitar leads, but the grooves and the emotions they convey are fierce and trenchant."
The comparisons with hit world music albums continued when New York's Newsday featured the album, stating that Wátina is:
"An album that invites superlatives...As revelatory as Paul Simon's Graceland or the Buena Vista Social Club." (click here for the full review)
Beat Magazine, one of the pioneering reggae and world music publications in the US, featured raves by four different columnists in the most recent issue. Memorable excerpts include:
"I seldom run smack dab into a recording that's as production perfect as Wátina...but this Belizean-produced disc has power as well as polish. There's a full year worth of listening on Wátina...It's a fantastic recording that makes me thirst for more..." --Bob Tarte
"I have to say it is a top release, confident and pulling all of the elements of this fascinating Belizean mix-up culture together. It is rampacked to overflowing with amazing music." --Dave Hucker
"A real winning hybrid of Latin, African and, yes, Caribbean elements into a moving, grooving whole. Likely a 'best-of-the-year' contender" --Steve Heilig
"Riveting emotional intensity...Would easily have made it to my Top 10 of 2006 release, but due to its upcoming release date it will have to wait to be on next year's." --Brian Dring

On the radio front, stations across the country have been featuring the CD, and Wátina has been riding high in the College Music Journal World Music Charts, the definitive survey of non-commercial radio play. On March 13th, Wátina reached #8 on the CMJ charts, which collects reports from hundreds of stations across the US & Canada.

Meanwhile, in Europe the praise has been far reaching. Charlie Gillett, also an important radio host on the BBC, wrote in the highly influential UK publication the Observer Music Monthly:
"The meeting point where ancient meets modern, where acoustic slips effortlessly into and out of electric, this album reaches backwards and stretches forwards, defying the listener to pin it down. And yet, far from being disturbing, it is endlessly satisfying and soothing. Whatever people mean about music being universal, surely this is the perfect demonstration of their argument."
He went on to state:
"Having lived with the album for two months already, I can confirm that familiarity does not dim its allure. On the contrary, its insinuating, loping rhythms have become part of the soundtrack that defines 2007 so far, and my admiration for the ingenuity of the arrangements has increased with each play." (click here for the full review)

In France, Germany, the UK, Spain and beyond, the rave reviews have been rolling in. France's Mondomix called Wátina "superb" and fRoots called it "an immediate world music classic."

The European radio response has also been extremely positive. In April, Wátina will debut at #5 on the World Music Charts Europe, and radio programmers across the continent have been effusive in their praise.

Andy Palacio will be visiting London and Paris in early April for a publicity tour that will surely bring even more attention to this unique and powerful recording project. In the end of April, Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective will be participating in a residency at the University of Texas at Austin, where they will also perform, and the group is scheduled to present three concerts in Mexico in May as well.

On May 24th, Andy Palacio & the Garifuna Collective will embark on a European and North American tour that will bring them to prestigious festivals and venues in Paris, London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and many more. Check for updates on the tour schedule.

Here's a list of some of the great reviews for Wátina available online: (USA)
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