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    News | early 2005
   "Garifuna Soul" wins top 10 and Newcomer of the year   
Aurelio Martinez Garifuna Soul Top 10 Album of 2004 and Afropop Worldwide "newcomer of the year" award!

This is what Sean Barlow, editor of Afropop had to say: "The Newcomer of the Year Award was tough (Thandiswa's "Zabalaza" was runner up) but Aurelio Martinez's "Garifuna Soul" is so powerful in terms of the vocal work, the compositions, and the Garifuna-specific percussion, he takes the prize."

"Soul" IS the word. The lead track, "Santo Negro," sets the mood with a passionate a capela opener that goes into a percussion heavy mix of Garifuna drums and turtleshells. The sung Garifuna language sounds like nothing you've heard before. And for good reason. Garifuna is a unique creole mix of indigenous and African tongues. Several songs are set in clave rhythm, reflecting the Caribbean coastal Garifunas' intersection with Latin Central America. Half the songs are credited as "traditional." Martinez's international debut delivers a deeply satisfying and consistently superb set of songs that range from melancholy and langor to joyful uplift.
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