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    Announcment | July 2004
Belizean Parandero Receives Award As Hondurans Get Garifuna Soul
Paul Nabor - a legend of Belizean Music
Legendary Belizean parandero, Paul Nabor, was bestowed with the honor of being declared a distinguished guest during a recent visit to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mr. Nabor was in the Central American capital, along with representatives from Stonetree Records, for the Honduran release of Garifuna Soul, the new CD by young Paranda superstar Aurelio Martinez.

“Paul Nabor’s music is known and loved throughout the region, especially in the Garifuna communities of Central America.” says Stonetree Records founder, Ivan Duran. “I think Mr. Nabor was a little overwhelmed by just how popular he is in Honduras. People where actually coming up to him in the street and singing his songs, such as Naguya Nei.” The celebrity status of Mr. Nabor was confirmed by officials in Honduras when he received a signed proclamation declaring him a distinguished guest of the city of Tegucigalpa.

The itinerary also included stops in the cities of San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba, featuring concert performances and numerous media interviews. For Honduran native, Aurelio Martinez, the chance to perform before his countrymen alongside Paul Nabor was a special experience. “Last month when we launched Garifuna Soul in Belize, with such a successful concert at the Bliss, I knew we had to invite Mr. Nabor to come to Honduras” commented Aurelio. “I am so happy that my people in Honduras have been given the chance to see my Belizean brother on stage.”

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