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    Announcment | May 2004
Garifuna Soul: The Paranda Concert
A historical night at Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts
In celebration of the latest Stonetree Records release, "Garifuna Soul", by Honduran Parrandero Aurelio Martinez, miab (the music industry association of Belize) and others hosted a blowout Paranda Concert at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, which many have described as one of the best concerts Belize has ever seen. The Garifuna All Star Band accompanied Aurelio on stage, playing both new tracks from "Garifuna Soul" and traditional Paranda selections to a sold out crowd Saturday night.

From his hit song ‘Africa', recorded on the "Paranda" album, to tunes from his new release "Garifuna Soul", Aurelio Martinez had the audience captivated with an electrifying stage presence, dancing and engaging them in call and response.

“I never imagined Paranda music was so popular in Belize”, commented Aurelio after the concert. “The rapport with the audience was incredible, in all my years of playing, this was one of the most gratifying experiences. I am very grateful to the Belizean public."

One of the most emotional moments of the night was when Parrandero Paul Nabor appeared on stage and received an enthusiastic standing ovation even before he sang his first note. From that welcome, at the end of the night, dancing in the aisles, the Belizean maestro came out again to perform a final encore that nearly brought down the house.

This was the first time the Garifuna All Star Band and Aurelio Martinez performed together, and was only the All Star's second performance ever in Belize: having performed in countries throughout Europe, Asia and North America since the band’s inception in 1999.

On stage was: Justo Miranda, Joshua Arana, Rolando Sosa, Junior Martinez, Marcela Torres, Desere Arana, Wilmer Martinez, Sam Harris and also featured Andy Palacio, Adrian Martinez and Lugua Centeno.

Aurelio and his group spent the week in Belize promoting the new Paranda album; which is set for release in Honduras, July 10th. The Garifuna Soul Tour is set to kick-off in Central America directly.

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