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    Music Industry Association of Belize | December 2003
miab holds its first annual music industry conference in Belize City
miab holds its first annual music industry conference in Belize City.

Industry professionals from around the country gathered together for the first time in December with a common purpose: to address the needs and betterment of Belize’s growing community of music professionals. At the Radisson Fort George Hotel, the newly founded organization miab (The Music Industry Association of Belize) hosted a number of leading industry contributors and stakeholders with the intention of fostering a new kind of collaboration.

The members of miab have seen a need for drastic changes in the industry if there is to be success in the future for Belizean artists and those involved in creating Belizean music. The Association is aware of many of the challenges musicians and artists face on a daily basis and would like to work with musicians and artists to provide a viable music market, improve the industry to compete internationally, and protect music from copyright infringement.

miab’s Board consists of: Ivan Duran / President; James Sanker / Vice President; Al Obando / Technical Director; Hector Martinez / Media Liaison; Kimberly Broaster / Public Relations; David Obi "Bredda David" / Artist Rights & Local Associations Representative; Jason Guerrero / Music Education; Micheal Peyrefitte / Legal Counsel; Tim O’Malley / Web Development and Multimedia.

Morning speakers at the conference included board members: James Sanker, Al Obando, Jason Guerrero, Ivan Duran and Bredda David Obi as well as representatives of the ministry of investment and trade and the Belize Intelectual Property Office.

The afternoon panel discussions included several key topics: Belizean music and the media, the value of live music and musicians, music and the Belize tourism industry, music copyright in Belize, international marketing and promotion of Belizean music and the announcement of activities for Music week 2004.

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