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    PBS Reviews Garifuna Music | November 2003
PBS Reviews Garifuna Music
During this last Garifuna Settlement Day the Stonetree team hosted another new visitor interested in the rich culture of the Garifuna. Marco Werman, the veteran music reporter for Public Radio International and a FRONTLINE/World correspondent came down for the celebrations on November 19th to produce a radio program for PRI The World and television story for the PBS's FRONTLINE/World.

Some features presented on FRONTLINE/World's website include a written account of the trip ("The Story"), "Let the Rhythm Move You"--a feature on Garifuna music, a "Reporter's Scrapbook", brief history of Belize and its various cultural sources, relevant links, and even a message board to voice your thoughts.

The story and video can be viewed online at the PBS frontline website
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