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    Garifuna All Star Band performs at WOMEX | October 2002
The Garifuna All Star Band performs in Germany for annual WOMEX Fair
Andy Palacio and the Garifuna All Star Band returned this week to Belize after attending the World Music Expo (WOMEX) in Germany.

Over 500 artists from around the world submitted proposals to perform at this year’s World Music Expo and only 36 were selected by the WOMEX Jury.

Andy Palacio and the Garifuna All Star Band are now the first band from the Central American region ever to be selected for a showcase at the world’s largest world music trade fair, arguably the most important international presentation of Belizean music to date.

Featuring the legendary Paranda Maestro, Paul Nabor, the band performed a memorable show, which included songs from their upcoming album as well as Paranda classics marking a new departure for Garifuna and Belizean music on stage.

“For the first time we presented a performance that demonstrates the true richness of Garifuna music in its various forms”, commented Andy Palacio.

“It was the kind of opportunity that we have always looked forward to in order to convince music professionals, the international media and critics that Belize has what it takes.” Added producer Ivan Duran.

The 45 minute showcase performance was attended by WOMEX delegates including promoters, festival organizers, music journalists, producers etc… It was transmitted on German WDR Radio and was filmed by Japanese cable television and the French music web site, Mondomix, for later broadcast while the famed US national radio show, Afropop Worldwide, recorded the performance for a program they will be producing on the band’s music.

The group included Leroy Castillo (Bass Guitar) Rolando Sosa (Drum kit) Ryan “Skull” Flores (Turtle Shells and Maracas) Sam Harris (Lead Guitar) Denmark Flores (Garifuna Drum), Paul Nabor (Lead Vocals) and Andy Palacio (Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar).

Stonetree Records delegates, founder and director, Ivan Duran and sales and promotion manager, Hector Martinez traveled with the group and managed the Stonetree stand at the trade fair attracting a lot of attention from delegates interested in the music of our region. Hundreds of CD samplers, catalogues and other promotional materials were distributed and on the last day, an impromptu “unplugged” performance at the stand with drums and guitars was praised by friends as one of the highlights of the event.

Ivan Duran and Andy Palacio also granted several interviews for radio and print media on Belizean music. Including a live acoustic performance by Andy Palacio broadcasted live simultaneously in the U.K. and Germany by the BBC and Radio Multikulti as a special guest of award-winning British radio host Charlie Gillett.

The group’s attendance was made possible by funding from the Government of Belize through the Ministry of Budget Management, the Social Security Board and BELTRAIDE with additional contributions by HIVOS and Stonetree Records.

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