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    Till da mawnin | Andy Palacio
After the critical acclaim of Keimuon Andy Palacio jumped back on the dance floor with Til da mawnin. Including ten muscular and melodic songs in which the high energy and diversity of Caribbean rhythms are celebrated, sung in Garifuna, Spanish and Creole, this is an exuberant party album which, as the name suggests, will keep things shaking till dawn.
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1. Keimoun Yurumein,   2. Baba Nuguchi,   3. Gudemei,   4. Doctor! Doctor!,   5. Nanigi,   6. Show Your Motion,   7. Not For Sale,   8. Viva el Caribe,   9. Land of Africa,   10. Til Da Mawnin,   
   The Story
Andy Palacio, is not only Belize's most popular musician and performing artist, but a serious music and cultural archivist with a deep commitment to preserving the values of his Garifuna culture.

Born and raised in the coastal village of Barranco, Andy grew up listening to traditional Garifuna music as well as imported sounds coming over the radio from neighboring Honduras, Guatemala and the United States.

He began writing his own songs and gained stature as a musician and energetic Garifuna artist. During 1987 he was able to hone his skills after being invited to work in London with Cultural Partnerships Limited, a community based arts organization.

Returning home to Belize with new skills and a four track recording system, he helped found "Sunrise", an organization dedicated to preserving, documenting and distributing Belizean music. While his academic training and self-scholarship allowed for his on-going documentation of Garifuna culture through lyrics and music, it has been his exuberance as a performer that gained world-wide recognition.

Since 1988, Andy has gained enormous popularity both in Belize and abroad, having played before audiences in the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe. He has hosted his own highly rated television show and was the first Belizean musician whose video was aired over international television stations.

Andy has been twice recognized by the Caribbean Music Awards, as 1991's "Best New Artist" and as a presenter in 1992, both events taking place at New York City's famed Apollo Theatre. He lives in Belize where he continues his work in promoting Garifuna arts, music and culture.

Andy Palacio: Lead Vocals, Back Vocals | Robert "Checkie" Usher: Keyboards | Osiel Fleitas: Keyboards, Alto Saxophone | Alexander "Pappy" Aranda: Garifuna Drums | Andres Casimiro: Turtle Shells & Conch Shell | Norberto Rodriguez: Electric and Acoustic Guitars | Albert Tillet: Drum Pads | Jimmy Lee: Keyboards | Kevin Lewis: Cymbals | Icselo "Yuco" Benguche: Shakers | Melecia McDougal, Misha Mcdougal, Lynn Augustine, Marcela Torres: Background Vocals |
- Produced by Ivan Duran - Recording Sessions Engineered by Andres Disotoir, Mauricio Blanco, Kevin Lewis, and Ivan Duran at ICIAC and PM Studios, Havana; and Diamond Studios in Belize City; - Mixed by Alejandro Colinas at Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City; - Mastered by Ivan Leiva at Estudio 19, Mexico City; - Photography by Mina Bárcenas and Rosalba López, - Artwork by David Sierra; - Graphic Design by Lorna Cané

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