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    This Is Belize: | The Caribbean Beat at the Heart of Central America

THIS IS BELIZE: Belizean music commands motion.

Hop on and take a ride to discover Belize’s Caribbean musical pulse. Reggae, Brukdown, Puntarock, Kungo and Paranda. The beats on these 12 spicy tracks are the perfect ingredient for any Caribbean party.

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1. Where Did Love Go?,   2. Good Mawnin,   3. Alaporio,   4. Rice & Beans,   5. Y2K Party,   6. Shall I Baby,   7. Viva El Caribe,   8. Ital Food,   9. Experience,   10. Baruboun Numari Nu,   11. Brukdown Medley,   12. Carnival Time,   
   The Story
Belizean music commands motion. It is felt by children on the playground and fans in the bleachers at football matches. Music accompanies the Garifuna woman as she plants and as she reaps. Songs are requested on the radio by just about everyone, as a gesture in celebration of a special event or accomplishment. Neighbors annoy each other with their insatiable taste for rhythm. From the sacred to the profane, Belizean music reaches across barriers of language, race, age and class. It is the sound of daily life, the soul and energy of a people in constant motion.

Through the years, Belize’s musical landscape has been shaped by the infusion of its home-grown creativity with a wide range of regional musical influences. Being geographically located in Central America naturally brings a Latin flavor to the music. In similar fashion, as a people with a strong Caribbean identity, Belizeans have been influenced by Calypso, Soca, Reggae and Compa, among other styles. At different points in time, various regional genres have had their peaks of popularity with Belizean audiences on the radio and in night spots. The synthesis began with musicians performing cover versions of popular regional hits, leading to the creation of Belizean originals that reflect a kinship with the diverse forms of Afro-Caribbean music.

The songs on this compilation feature various styles, including Brukdown, Puntarock, Paranda, Kungo, Zouk and Reggae. They are all firmly grounded in the Belizean experience by way of language and instrumentation. Their Afro-Caribbean identity is unmistakable. It is the beat that resounds from Belize City to Dangriga and Gales Point through Orange Walk all the way to Punta Gorda and back. This is Belize! The Caribbean beat at the heart of Central America...

The party kicks off with Caribbean Pulse's "Where Did The Love Go?," where Belizean guitarist William Smith Jr. and lead singer Ezzy Judah initiate this intimate encounter between reggae and "slow jamz" R&B. Elder statesman Wilfred Peters greets Belizeans young and old with this anthem of Belizean morning radio, "Good Morning Belize."  Titiman Flores' "Alaporio" is based on the Garifuna Paranda rhythm, combined with his inimitable vocal style. Bella Carib, the "Queen of Puntarock" and one of many Belizean "ambassadors" living in Los Angeles, dedicates her track to the staple meal of the Caribbean, "Rice & Beans."  Meanwhile, back in San Ignacio, Belize, Sam Harris and his World Culture Band ring in the new millenium with the catchy dance tune, "Y2K Party."  Mr. Peters' Boom & Chime's raw energy and distinctive cache of musical instruments is heard here on "Shall I Baby," his most famous Kriol brukdown composition.  >From its reliably hip-swaying rhythm to an infectious melody sung in Garifuna, English and Spanish, "Viva El Caribe" is Andy Palacio party music at its finest. Dangriga Puntarock pioneer Mohobub brings his Rasta vibe and social commentary to the dance floor on "Ital Food."  With its electrifying guitars and roots rhythm, "Experience" by Bredda David & Tribal Vibes calls out in his unique Kungo style to all corners of the African diaspora in the Americas.  L.A.-based Aziatic teams up with vocalist Lloyd Agustine on "Baruboun Nümari Nu," an uptempo hybrid of Puntarock and melodic pop.  Fresh off of their re-discovery on Belize City Boil-Up, The Professionals' "Belizean Brukdown Medley" provides a rare glimpse into the golden era of Belize dance bands.  Punta Gorda's tireless exponent of "Kriol Kulcha," Leelaa Vernon, keeps things moving late into the night in high-energy fashion on "Carnival Time."
Caribbean Pulse / Where Did The Love Go? by from the album Stand Up, © Irie Records [] Wilfred Peters / Good Morning Belize by Francis Reneau from the album Celebration, © National Institute of History and Culture (NICH) [] Titiman Flores / Alaporio by Peter Flores, from the album Fedu, © Stonetree Records / House of Punta [] Bella Carib /Rice & Beans by Glenda E Arnold-Heon from the album Rhythm Fever, © The Global Beat Associates / Kulchascope Music [] World Culture Band / Y2K Party by Sam Harris from the album World 2000, © Sam Harris [] Mr. Peters’ Boom & Chime / Shall I Baby by Wilfred Peters from the album Rub Mi Belly, © Stonetree Records [] Andy Palacio / Viva El Caribe by Andy Palacio from the album Til Da Mawnin, © Stonetree Records [] Mohobub / Ital Food by Horace Flores from the album Mohobub, Belizean Puntarocker Series, © by Stonetree Records / House of Punta [] Bredda David & Tribal Vibes / Experience by David Obi (Kungo Music) from the album Raw!, © Stonetree Records [] Aziatic & Lloyd / Baruboun Nümari Nu by Lloyd Agustine from the album Most Wanted, © Stonetree Records / House of Punta [] The Professionals / Belizean Brukdown Medley Traditional, arranged by Jesus Acosta, © Stonetree Records under exclusive license from CES, Belize [] Leelaa Vernon / Belize Carnival Time by Leelaa Vernon from the album Kriol Kulcha , © Leela Vernon
Compiled by Ivan Duran Mastered by Al Ovando at the Stonetree Lab, Benque Viejo, Belize Photography and Graphic Design by Tim O’Malley @ Yuquilla

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