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    Belize Puntarockers II | Mohobub Flores
Punta Rock pioneer Mohobub comes out with a strong album that has fueled many parties and has brought enjoyment to his many fans. This album has a laid-back groovy feel, mixing Punta and Paranda rhythms, and captures Mohobub's years of experience into a unique Punta Rock album combining his socially conscious lyrics with solid dance vibes with a touch of Latin flavor to create a spicy Caribbean stew.
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1. Ital Food,   2. Baba Nuguchi,   3. We Will Return,   4. Kilo,   5. Drunkin Man,   6. Your Lova,   7. Cartagena,   8. Garifuna Punta,   9. Beiba,   10. Bigamari,   11. VAT,   
   The Story
Straight from Dangriga, the birthplace of Punta Rock, Mohobub is a pioneer whose fresh sound has kept him at the forefront of the movement for over 15 years.

Making the most of humble beginnings, Mohobub began playing percussion at an early age and established himself as a musician in the rapidly evolving Dangriga music scene. He joined Punta Rock creator Pen Cayetano in the first Turtle Shell Band in the late 70's and became the band's first "official" turtle shell player.

The band gained an increasingly larger following as Belize, caught up in pre-independence, nationalist fervor became more appreciative of homegrown roots music.

In the mid 1980s Punta Rock became completely electrified, and Mohobub evolved with the form, singing and playing with Sounds Inc., which was regarded for many years as Belize's best Garifuna band, and was certainly the most popular.

When Sounds Inc. disbanded in the early 90s, Mohobub began a solo career, often singing as a special guest in various bands and continually touring. During this time he experimented with various beats and honed his own distinctive sound, which is a reflection of his Rastafarian beliefs combined with a strong sense of Garifuna culture.

This conscious approach to music has resulted in a more laid back, less aggressive interpretation of Punta Rock, a sound which has been described as having a touch of Latin flavor added to Garifuna roots and influenced by Reggae.

Now, after two decades of playing and steady evolution, Mohobub is one of Belize's most respected and popular artists. He continues to explore new musical terrain, and has more recently made greater use of reggae and other rhythms in his works.
Mohobub Flores: lead vocals, drums, shakers, back vocals | Robert "Ragga" Palacio: Electric Guitar, Back Vocals | Tyron Hernandez: Bass | Jimmy Lee: Keyboards | Dale Davis: Tenor Saxophone | Bernard "Higgins" Higinio: Turtle Shells and back vocals | Felix "Laruni" Flores: Garifuna Drums | Bredda David Obi: Guset Appearance on "VAT" and "Garifuna Punta"
- Produced and Recorded By Ivan Duran and Gil Abarbanel - Mixed and Mastered By Zener Diode, at Bakadibush and Diamond Studios, Belize City - Graphic Design By Lorna Cané and Cubola Graphics

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