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    Aziatic | Most Wanted
Aziatic returns to Belize to record the ambitious Punta Rock album "Most Wanted". Includes the local hit "Chatty Chatty"; this is a CD that defies categorization while demanding a wild hip-shaking response.
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   The Story
Of the new stars coming out of the new generation of Punta Rockers, Aziatic has staked out his own turf on the Punta Rock landscape with a combination of roots Garifuna music and melodic pop elements.

His music owes part of its distinctive quality to the fact that it is a product of the cultural and musical interaction between the Garifuna communities in the United States and Belize.

After spending his first years in the tiny coastal Garifuna village of Hopkins, Aziatic was transplanted to California with his brothers and sisters when their parents migrated to the United States. He credits his parents with instilling in him an awareness and pride of their Garifuna culture, and it was only natural that he would carry these roots sounds with him when he began playing music at an early age.

What followed was a hybrid Punta Rock style created in the recording studio where Aziatic experimented with new sounds that blended traditional Garifuna music with North American pop sensibilities.

On return visits to Belize in the mid 1990's, Aziatic joined the flourishing Punta Rock scene with highly successful concerts backed by local bands. His popularity continued to grow both in Belize and California, and his distinctive, very much alive musical style developed.

With several local hits and a loyal following in Belize and the US, he can rightly claim title as one of Belize's Punta Rock superstars.
Aziatic: Lead Vocals, Drums, Keyboards | Richard "Lol" Garcia: Garifuna Drum & Turtle Shells | Robert "Ragga" Palacio: Electric Guitar | Leroy Castillo: Bass | Reckless: Keyboards and Vocals on "Ka San Na Dügübei" | Mesha McDougall, Andre Smith, Denyse Garcia, Kidd Notch: Back Vocals | Kenny Morgan: Guest Appearance | Andres "Largo" Casimiro: Sisira | Andy Palacio: Guest Appearance, Vocals | Buju X: Bass and Keyboards | Jenko and Spyce: Vocals on "Chatty Chatty" | Lloyd Augustine: Vocals on "Barüboun Nümari Nu" | Jamila Parrish: Guest Appearance on "Nümari"
- Produced By Buju X for House of Punta - Co-produced By Alejandro Colinas and Aziatic - Recorded and Mixed By Alejandro Colinas at Diamond Studio, Belize City; - Additional Recording By Al Obando and Aldo Borsini (Digitalia) - Mastered By Katz Gallagher, Bakadibush, Cayo - All Songs Arranged By Aziatic (except: "Nati Masimu" and "Barüboun Nümari Nu" arranged by Aziatic and Reckless, and "Show me the Money" arranged by Aziatic and Andy Palacio. All interludes directed by Kenny Morgan, Buju X and Aziatic) - Album Photography By JAS (Spooner's Photo Lab) - Cover Art By JDB - Graphic Design By Lorna Cané

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