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    Garifuna Soul | Aurelio Martinez
TOP 10 Album of the Year ! -- Afropop Worldwide
Following in the footsteps of the legendary Parranderos from the Caribbean coast of Central America, with an enchanting blend of African and Latin acoustic roots, Aurelio emerges as one of the most exceptional Garifuna artists of his generation.
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1. Santo Negro',   2. Yau,   3. Nuwerun,   4. Tagarigu Nanigi,   5. DŁgŁ,   6. Deme Nowen,   7. Yalifu,   8. NiraŁ Hagabu,   9. Lumalali Limaniga,   10. Mala Mujer,   11. Tabari Dudu,   12. Tili Bugudura,   
   The Story
Acclaimed for both his preservation and modernization of the Paranda musical tradition, Aurelio's virtuosity is found in his distinctive, penetrating vocals and his talent as a composer. Aurelio was born into a family possessing a long and distinguished musical tradition in the small Garifuna community of Plaplaya in Honduras. Aurelio began playing guitar as soon as he was old enough to hold the instrument. By the age of six he was regularly playing drums at social gatherings. Inspired by his grandmother and his father, Aurelio gathered a vast repertoire, which later enabled him to develop his own style.

Garifuna Soul features the musical talents of Rolando Sosa, Lugua Centeno, Chela Torres, Justo Miranda, Andy Palacio, and others. Garifuna Soul was recorded by Ivan Duran and Gil Abarbanel in a relaxed atmosphere at Sandy Beach Resort in beautiful Hopkins village. The result is a natural sound that captures Aurelioís spontaneous character and intensity.

This new album, a mix of original and traditional compositions, includes 12 selections, comprising a rich blend of acoustic instruments and soulful vocals. With the stage set for an emotive fusion of traditional and modern, Garifuna Soul has revolutionized, with fresh elegance, the tradition of Paranda music.

Aurelioís collaboration with Stonetree Records dates back to 1997, when he contributed to the now famous Paranda recording sessions, delivering three masterful performances, including his well-known composition: ďAfricaĒ and an inspiring duet with Andy Palacio. Aurelio is an original member of the Garifuna All Star Band and has taken his Paranda music to stages in France, Japan, USA, Mexico and neighboring Central American countries.
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Aurelio Martinez: Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, and Garifuna Drums | Justo Miranda: Garifuna Drums | Ivan Solano: Garifuna Drums | Rolando 'Chicheman' Sosa: Acoustic Guitar, Back Vocals, Bass, Garifuna Drums, Congas, Tenor Sax, Percussion | Andy Palacio: Lead Vocals on Lumalali Limaniga | Al Ovando: Bass, Acoustic Guitar | Chella Torres: Lead Vocals on Mala Mujer | Rohjani Periott: Back Vocals | Lugua Centeno: Lead Vocals on Santo Negro and Deme Nowen, Shakas, Turtle Shells | Alantl Molina: Jarana | Ivan Duran: Electric Guitar, Guitarron, Maya K'ekchi' Guitar | Emmeth Young: Percussion on Lumalali Limaniga |
- Produced By Ivan Duran - Original recording sessions engineered and co-produced by Gil Abarbanel at Sandy Beach Resort, Hopkins Village, Belize - Additional recordings by Ivan Duran at the Stonetree Studio, Benque Viejo, Belize and OBG's Studio, Dangriga, Belize - Mixed and Mastered by Al Ovando at the Stonetree Lab - Album photography by Katia Paradis - Back cover photo by Mina Barcenas - Lyrics transcribed and translated by Aurelio Martinez and Andy Palacio - Graphic Design by Tim O'Malley / YQ

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