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    Belize City Boilup
This Belize thing is awesome. -- The Wall Street Journal
Stonetree Records, CES and The Numero Group present in Belize: Belize City Boil Up | Re-mastered vintage Belizean recordings from the 50's, 60's & 70's, Featuring The Lord Rhaburn Combo, Jesus Acosta and the Professionals, The Web, Harmonettes, Nadia Cattouse, and Soul Creations.
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In a Belizean musical landscape that is currently dominated by punta, rap, and reggae, it’s easy to forget that there was actually a time when the Belizean scene was alive with cool jazz, smooth rhythm and blues, and even psychedelic funk. Halcyon days of the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s when the social centers were venues such as Bird’s Isle and the Newtown Club. It was a time when well-honed musicians and silky voiced crooners provided a musical soundtrack for a pre-independent Belize. And it wasn’t only live music that Belizeans were enjoying; Compton Fairweather, who pioneered the recording industry in Belize as owner and engineer of the country’s first label, Contemporary Electronic Systems (C.E.S.), released dozens of albums and singles during the period.

But eventually new styles of Belizean music would capture the nation’s attention, while advances in technology, namely the introduction of cassettes and CD’s, would render vinyl recordings obsolete. By the early 1980’s C.E.S. was out of the recording business altogether. The last remaining copies of albums from their catalogue, along with master tapes, were relegated to several boxes in a basement in Brooklyn, New York. Thirty years collecting dust and mildew, the tapes were destined to become permanently ruined, but an accidental find in 2004 by vintage music researcher; Rob Sevier rescued them and prevented further deterioration. Today, thanks to the painstaking and brilliant restoration of the original master tapes done by The Numero Group, we can listen back in pristine sound and admire the cool ingenuity of Belizean musicianship of that era.

“Belize City Boil-Up”, was released by the Numero Group in the USA in 2005 to rave reviews from entertainment industry heavyweights such as Rolling Stone Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and the New York Post. Read reviews here.

Stonetree Records is extremely proud to partner with C.E.S. and The Numero Group to release “Belize City Boil-Up” in Belize.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that these recordings are of great historical importance”, says Stonetree’s founder, Ivan Duran. “I am sure these songs will not only bring back a lot of fun memories for older fans, but create a lot of new fans from the younger generation. I think when people hear these tracks they are going to be blown away by just how good these groups where back then.” Stonetree plans to re-release the entire C.E.S. catalogue of recordings over the next two years.

The Lord Rhaburn Combo | Jesus Acosta and the Professionals | The Web | Harmonettes | Nadia Cattouse | Soul Creations
- Original recordings produced and recorded by Compton Fairweather | - Produced for reissue by Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier & Ken Shipley / The Numero Group | - Additional mixing by Paul Q. Kolderie & Sean Slade at Camp Street, Cambridge, MA | - Researched and compiled by Rob Sevier | - Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering

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